The appearance and the furniture of a hotel are determining factors for the satisfaction of the clients. There is no worse criticism for the owner of a hotel than to hear from the voice of his tenants the following 3 words “needs a renewal”.

This simple comment will make people make up their minds and look for other alternatives, regardless of whether the hotel is located in a spectacular location, or if the atmosphere is relaxed and the leisure features of the hotel are very attractive. If the hotel doesn’t have good decoration, the easiest thing for customers is to flee in search of another hotel.

The use of contract furniture or to apply simple tips when decorating the rooms can be of great help to attract the attention of customers, or making custom furniture in your hotel will leave an image on your customers’ minds. Let’s see below some tips on how to be successful when decorating a hotel.

Luminosity and Amplitude

Being able to enjoy a spacious and bright hotel room, is often key for customers to feel as if they were at home. Try to get the most out of every corner and choose colors that make it look bigger. The use of mirrors and large windows for the entrance of natural light can be our great allies.

Escape from The Conventional

If you want your visitors to remember you as something special, try to escape from the furniture and typical elements and elements. The secret is in giving it a personal touch. It is possible to find furniture for hotels with a novel, striking and functional design that will delight guests.

We can also play with contrasts when it comes to decoration. If we bet on white and black, we must not forget to introduce touches of color to turn the room into something different. It is also advisable to avoid the smooth walls and betting on painting a wall of another color or placing wallpaper.

Color and Joy

Although we can opt for less vivid and more sober colors, it is always good to recreate a certain aspect of joy, dynamism, and well-being that accompanies travelers during dreamy nights. For example, hotels that are on the beach could combine blue and white with furniture that provides harmony.

Comfort and Functionality

Try to integrate elements that may be useful for travelers, both in cases where they will only be overnight and for extended stays. The idea is to create a space where everyone is as comfortable as possible.

Different Furniture

Who said that all the rooms in a hotel should be the same? They can be decorated thematically to make them unique or apply small changes such as using different headboards. In the case of sofas or armchairs, we can use different fabrics to break the uniformity of the rooms