Hotel Management, is a concept that integrates many hotel activities and aims to increase the profitability of the establishment- many times this concept is materialized by a position in the organization chart of an establishment: the “manager”.

Hotel management covers all administrative tasks related to customer service (front desk), logistics, maintenance, restoration… all these refer to both the organization of personnel and material goods. However, it should be noted that proper management is complex, and errors can be fatal (both in monetary terms and in relation to the client).

The hotel industry suffers a lot from this likelihood of carelessness due to a lack of professionalization caused by the effect of high and low seasons, since the need to hire large numbers of people at the same time does not always make it possible to obtain qualified personnel.

Attention to customers

It is essential to get them to return or recommend to their acquaintances. They will be the ones that help you to fulfill your objectives, do not forget it. Respect, loyalty and kindness are three words that can never be missed. There will always be some guests who are more conflictive than others, you have to be strict and at the same time enjoyable.

There is no doubt that you will achieve it. To manage a hotel, you just need to be organized and detailed in your tasks. If you make a good business plan, the details will be included. Stick to your planning, your expertise and feedback from both customers and your staff and nothing will go wrong.

Cleaning of the rooms

No matter how many rooms or the dimensions of the common spaces, the hotel should “shine” in such a clean and tidy way. That gives it a much more favorable aspect and you will have more satisfied customers.

Hire good and qualified staff and get them to do the cleaning of the rooms, set schedules to put fresh sheets and towels, get someone to be responsible for cleaning the dining room and reception, etc. Arrange a place away from the rooms to place the washing machines, irons, etc. Nobody has to see dirty clothes or cleaning elements.

Get Legal Counseling

It is not necessary that you have a staff of lawyers, scribes and accountants to manage a hotel, but it is true that from time to time you will need your services and knowledge. If you have the ability to dump all the accounting information into a spreadsheet, a notebook or a special PC program, do not hesitate to use it.

Also keep in mind that once a year, the balance must be done by a professional. Save the tickets and invoices and issue tickets to the guests, thus avoiding problems. You must also be very rigorous when it comes to paying taxes, to avoid having to face fines or until the hotel closes. And something you should not miss is the regulations on hotel facilities, such as the fire system, noise, guests allowed, etc.