The Basic Needs Of Travellers

For too long, hotels have concentrated on meeting star categories to give their customers indications of the quality of their services. But those times are over! If you want to run your hotel successfully in the future, you have to stand out from these rigid reviews. Star categories are no longer the benchmark for customers. After all, these say nothing about what the guest can expect when they visit. Stars only reflect the minimum standards of the house. They say nothing about the quality. Besides, the standards vary from country to country, so that a general statement based on a star category is becoming increasingly difficult.

The Three C’s

Today’s travellers are looking for the extraordinary and highlights that they still fondly think back to after their trip. But these must be experiences beyond the minibar and tea maker. A star rating only conveys something like basic security of what you are dealing with as a guest. Discerning guests judge a hotel not by its standards, but by the offers that set it apart from the competition. It’s a style of its own, a personal signature. So-called concept hotels are a development that takes these trends into account. Experts, therefore, speak of the three C’s when it comes to the alignment of future-oriented hotels. These need to provide a concept, context and category if they are to remain successful.

The search for a suitable hotel takes place almost exclusively on the Internet. It is therefore essential for every house to contextualize the experiences in their own home as well as possible, i.e. to describe them. Automated systems look for word wars that produce a match. The more match the AI ​​systems find on the hotel’s website, the more likely it will appear in searches. After all, the principle is familiar to everyone from the search engines today. The better the style and content of the house are defined and formulated, the better for future customers. You are sure to stumble upon these hotels during your search and take a closer look at their website.

The Three C's
The Three C’s

But the best concept is worthless in the medium to long term if the customer cannot experience it. An independent feature must be at the centre of the idea. That makes the hotel unique and sets it apart from the competition. So the customer can reflect the category in a catchy word. As in music, for example, the hotel should also be identifiable. Anyone who hears the term hip hop, soul or funk today knows what to expect. A hotel should position itself so clearly with its potential customers. There are essentially three guidelines that are promising for new concepts. These are the areas Love, Support and Basic. Love symbolizes the idea of emotionality, support that of an extensive support culture and Basic the view of purism. They describe the central orientation of the house. The guest can tell from a single word what to expect in the hotel.