Most of the New Hotels Are Built in 20 Countries

The travel industry has had tough times during the last two years, but the recovery is already visible. The revival can be seen from planned hotel projects. Nowadays, investors and banks only give out loans if they believe in the feasibility and success of a new hotel. Numerous owners are currently planning, and perfecting new infrastructures and the industry is getting ready for a glorious return. Due to this, in some countries a hotel boom has started again. There is a lot of planning and construction going on and you can check the Top Hotel Projects platform to see the progress as well as find out where it might be profitable to start a hotel business.

The USA And China Are Leading

Almost 75 percent of all hotels currently under construction are in only 20 countries. In total, about 7,500 buildings are either being planned or constructed at the moment. The USA and China occupy the top positions in this hotel hit list. The world’s leading economic powers have regained their optimism and are investing heavily in the travelling industry.

On the other end of the scale is the African continent. Sadly, not a single country from Africa made it onto the list. Germany has conquered a fourth place in Europe. In the Arab world, Saudi Arabia stands out the most since it was placed seventh. Brazil is entering the race for South America as well.

Tenth To Sixth Place

Thailand has established itself at number ten on the list of countries that work on the most hotel projects. They mainly focus on the luxury segment with small villa-type complexes. The country is building a total of 125 new hotels right now. The tourist center in Cancun recently attracted many vacationers too. A lot of construction is still going on near the Mexican Caribbean coast as Mexico has a total of 138 projects in the pipeline.

India ranks eighth and is planning 144 new hostels. In Saudi Arabia, construction is now taking place not only in Mecca but throughout the country as well. The country is opening up more and more to tourism, which is clearly visible from the 162 new hotel plans. Australia not only builds on the coast but also inland, here 165 unique hotels are to further develop the tourism in the country.

Tenth To Sixth Place

Place Five to One

The United Arab Emirates will organize a world’s fair in October this year. Thus, a total of 196 new hotels are expected to be opened for visitors. Germany was placed fourth in the list and the country suggests that 365 newly built hotels will soon be ready for customers. As we go higher in the list, Great Britain heavily surpasses Germany with 461 new hostels.

Lastly, China not only welcomes guests from all over the world but also sees domestic tourism as a vital factor of economic success. So, their 1,466 new projects come as no surprise. The only country that managed to take over China is the USA. Exactly one more hotel (1,467) is planned there. These holiday complexes are supposed to bring tourism to flourish in the world’s most powerful economy again.