Restaurant owners often neglect a very important part of the business and it is the motivation of the staff, we usually have a culture of “If you do not like it, you can go”. Well that has to change, because, in the long run, everybody is going to know that your restaurant doesn’t care about its staff.

It has been said that sometimes we lose sight of the fact that our waiters and kitchen employees are human beings with their own needs, dreams and lives. Treat the employees of your restaurant the same way you’d treat a client, make them feel special, and they’ll work harder in return.

Increases in Salary as Sales Increase

Sales increase by many factors, one of them is good service. If the same is provided by the staff, it means that in part those juicy sales increases are thanks to employees. That my friend, is important to recognize and it is not enough to say “good work man”, you must recognize it by giving them more money so that they are motivated and know that if the service improves, sales improve and if that happens, they earn more money.

Commissions or Special Benefits for Good Service

When a client feels well cared for, they recognize it and often tell their friends or post it on social media. You can implement a system where each time a client leaves a positive review on Facebook or another website, you can give a small bonus to those who were on duty and mainly to the person who handled that client. You can do the same when a client brings new friends.

Training and Education Without Cost

“You won’t grow in that job” is a common phrase of friends or relatives of the employees of a restaurant. The downside of that is that many times in totally true, those comments can crave their way into your staff’s minds and affect their performance greatly.

For that reason, it is necessary to create opportunities for personal growth, it is not about focusing on offering growth opportunities within the restaurant. If you have 20 employees, how many can become managers? Only one in 20, and that’s not encouraging for them, you’ll become more than a boss, a friend.

Personal growth is the best option, you must make agreements with private institutions of continuing education that allows you to obtain discounts to train your employees. Try to make trades with said institutions, so you too get a good price for your investment, maybe a partnership, or discounts for the university’s staff at your restaurant.

Send employees to courses or training that the restaurant pays for. Help them pay if they want to learn a new language, let the restaurant help them pay for their college tuition, train them and they’ll be very motivated and the business will benefit from it. If your employees are “pros” then you’ll have more things to offer to your clients.