If you are considering setting up a restaurant don’t rush into making decisions. With good planning you can avoid making common mistakes people make when trying to rush what should be a more conscientious process. We often hear that the hotel business is a safe bet, the truth is far from this. You have to dedicate time and follow certain steps to achieve successful results when setting up a restaurant.

Market Study

The first thing to do is to stop and think. You may have many ideas in your head, that you are more than determined to set up a restaurant, but what we are looking for here is to open a successful restaurant, so it is necessary to analyze the ideas you use to avoid unnecessary failures.

By preparing a complete market study you can assess the feasibility of setting up a restaurant. The aim is to analyze the characteristics of the sector, the trends at that moment, the level of competition in the city and, of course, the economic aspect. If a large investment is required to open a restaurant, the profitability of the restaurant may be affected, at least in the short term.

Human Talent Needed

When opening a restaurant, you will probably need to hire staff. This need will be determined by the opening hours to the public, the breaks of the staff or the workload of the restaurant, also local laws and regulations on alcoholic drinks restrictions.

If you have gone into the adventure of setting up a restaurant, you may not yet have the necessary information to determine these issues. In addition, the profitability of the restaurant at the beginning is scarce, so the hiring of personnel becomes more necessary with the passage of time, as the business is established within the sector.

In any case, in order to hire personnel, keep in mind that, more important than training, they must have the necessary permits to carry out the tasks assigned in accordance with the different regulations established, such as the food handler’s card.

The Chef

L: Chef preparing duck breasts. Credit: Alister Rose R: Chef preparing a cheeseboard. Credit: Kate Dillon

Some restaurants are famous and very busy just because they have a recognized chef leading the cooking team, provide your chef with the freedom to create, and a good sous chef that could lead the team in case your chef decides to leave (they’re known for being rather hot-blooded).

Start-up of the Restaurant

The location of the premises is intimately related to the profitability of the restaurant. It is a relevant factor in determining success, so it should not be taken lightly, so, if you’re aiming to open a fancy restaurant, maybe the cheap location with a bad neighborhood next to it isn’t the best idea.

The ideal thing is to have a place in a busy area, close to places of interest such as cinemas, theaters or museums and easy to park or well connected by public transport. Check if there are restrictions on municipal ordinances that may affect you such as the schedule for merchandise trucks or nighttime opening hours.