Hotel room

People stay in hotels for many different reasons, ranging from work trips, to vacations, right through to semi-permanent residence. Whether they opt for a bargain B’n’B or a flashy suite, however, they expect a certain base level of amenities. Even the greatest, most luxurious hotels in the world can receive a bad review if they don’t get the essentials right. So, with this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the absolute necessities that every hotel room should feature. You can then tweak these suggestions to fit your budget and style, stamping your own unique mark on the sometimes faceless world of hospitality.

Comfortable Bed + Extras

Of course, right up there at number one is the bed. Even the most basic hotel room in the world must provide somewhere for the customer to sleep. It is common practice to offer at least a double bed to paying customers who want a room, though this can be changed for twin beds or even a king-size according to demand. The more comfortable the bed, the happier the customer. One cheap and easy way to add more comfort to a budget room is to provide an extra blanket, an extra pillow for each guest, and plenty of towels. This way, customers can make up the bed to their own specifications without worrying about incurring extra charges.

Clothes Rail, Hooks or Hangers

Even if your customer has only booked in for one night, it is a good idea to provide them with somewhere to store their clothes and belongings. People travelling on business always appreciate coat hangers to safely preserve their smart clothing, whereas more casual travellers will enjoy having space to tidy everything away if they are staying a few days or even several weeks. If you are restricted by the size of the rooms, you can get creative with coat hooks on the back of the doors and custom-built clothes rails that fill up any spare space. Make additional clothes hangers available at reception for that extra special touch.

WiFi Connection

These days, a good WiFi connection is almost as important as the bed itself. People rely on their hotel room internet whilst travelling to catch up on work, connect with people back home, and research what they will be doing during their stay. They also use it for entertainment purposes when relaxing in the evenings; streaming services like Prime Video, PokerStars Casino and music clients open up a whole world of content for people, wherever they are in the world. Invest in your WiFi connection and you’re guaranteed to have happy guests who will go on to write positive reviews of your establishment online. Just make sure to include adequate power points in the rooms, and you’re golden!

Access to Drinking Water

This aspect is often overlooked by both guests and hoteliers alike, but it is vitally important. Many hotels provide bottled water that can be added to the customer’s final bill, but this should be an optional extra. Safe drinking water should be available to each and every guest at no extra charge; if you are not able to plumb it directly in to the rooms themselves, then provide a fresh, sealed container of tap water every morning for each guest. This can be delivered as part of housekeeping or otherwise made accessible. Don’t underestimate how much your customers will thank you for fulfilling such a basic need.

Mirror, Clock & Wastebasket

Speaking of basic needs, every hotel room should, ideally, contain a good-sized mirror, a silent clock and a wastepaper basket. This is so that guests are able to check their appearance, keep track of the time and throw away the small amount of rubbish they will generate during their stay. It is unreasonable to expect customers to take their rubbish home with them, or dispose of it outside the hotel, so a simple wastebasket in the corner of the room will work wonders. Providing a clock and a mirror are small gestures that will go a long way to ensuring your guests’ comfort and happiness; they are objects that we take for granted in our own home but which make all the difference when you’re in an unfamiliar location.

Adequate Lighting & Blinds or Curtains

In order to get a good night’s sleep, free from disturbances, customers will need good quality window blinds or curtains. Sometimes, especially in well-lit city centre areas, both will be needed! There is nothing worse than a restless night’s sleep caused by light and noise pollution, so make sure to dress your hotel’s windows properly if you want your guests to sleep well. Along with the ability to shut out light, you’ll also want to provide adequate lighting options for within the room itself. A brighter overhead light along with dimmer bedside lamps is the bare minimum, though the provision of dimmer switches, concealed light sources and nightlights are optional extras that customers will love.

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